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Are you a front-office employee, receptionist, or your company’s direct contact when it comes to clients? In Aruba there’s this saying… Klant is Koning…which translates to the Customer is King, or Queen…Treating your clients with the best customer service is what all businesses aim for. What happens though when your adult client throws a tantrum like a toddler with the terrible twos? Dealing with difficult people is an unavoidable task, whether it’s business or personal, you are bound to have an interaction with someone who is having a not-so-good day… Be prepared to take on the communication challenge, with a smile and confidence.

“What is Excel? No, we’re not talking about the verb synonymous to being outstanding at something. With that being said, you CAN outshine your competition by gaining a certificate and new set of skills pertaining to Microsoft’s spreadsheet program, Excel. We offer Excel courses ranging from Level 1 to Level 4. You’ll learn everything from the basics to the complex workings of the computer program..

As the highest advisor in the area of human resources in your organization, you are an important bridge between employees and higher management. You give advice and make decisions about salaries, absenteeism, human resource management , hiring and firing, training and job evaluations. You also have knowledge about career-development, working part-time and conflict resolution. You learn all this during this comprehensive course. Cases will help you translate theoretical knowledge into practical situations. This course calls on your dedication and steadfast resolution to reach a HR management position. Let us help you get all the tools you need to be the best at your HR position.

If you have a head for numbers and are planning or are interested in a future career in bookkeeping and accounting (as a self-employed bookkeeper or doing the books for your own business or within a finance team) then the Basiskennis Boekhouden course is the perfect introduction to the skills you will need. Picture yourself as a self employed bookkeeper? Just want to do your own books? Want to work from within a finance team? Start your journey with our BKB course.

“Hoe is je Nederlands?” This statement translates to ‘How’s your Dutch?’ Freshen up your Dutch language skills with our Opfriscursus Nederlands course, and impress the natives from the Netherlands in your workspace with your new bag of tricks. And with bag of tricks, we mean your sizzling new grammar skills in ‘Nederlands’.


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