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Psychological test

Psychological tests are very useful tools that can assist in various ways. The main purpose of the test is to determine if a candidate has the necessary capabilities needed for a specific job/task. Commonly used examples are:
– Aptitude for carrying firearms
– Aptitude  for a specific type of job
– Aptitude to register for an educational (degree)program
– To determine a person’s aptitude for certain professions (or areas of study)
– Aptitude for leadership and/or management skills
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Matching the business needs

Are the applicants the right candidates for your job posting? Are you the right candidate for the job you’re applying for? Do you know? We can help you find out!  Adviesbureau InTop offers specialized psychometric testing, created with specific standards as well as scientific guidelines and methods, in order to assess individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioral style to see if Person X  is a match with Job Position Y.

Exploring Educational Needs

Parents might also be interested to find out more about their own kids, when faced with issues at school.  There are specific tests that can help parents better understand their child’s needs. Psychological tests are commonly used for:
–  Students with behavioral problems
–  Students with learning problems
The goal of these tests is to help families better understand the specific needs of their children. The tests can provide  parents and educators with information about:
–  the cause of the problem and advise about the best plan of action for the student.
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